Hi! I'm Rebecca Noymer, it's nice to meet you! 

I am a Health Promotion and Fitness Pro living in Greater Boston, MA. My passion for creating positive health changes began in 2007 when I started running cross country for my High School in the suburbs of Boston. This changed my life. I was never the fastest or the slowest, but I was committed to my own personal growth and team spirit. These qualities lead me to co-captain. I went from 5Ks in high school to half marathons and 10Ks during and after college. My love for running allowed me to make new friends, explore new towns, and cities, and  apply my health and fitness knowledge. I am not immune from challenges, though. Running brought about many musculoskeletal injuries including a hairline fracture and several ankle sprains. Once again, this allowed me to practice what I preach. I have built recovery plans, but never without consulting professionals. I have had my own personal trainer, chiropractor, nutritionist, physical therapists, not simultaneously over the years. We are all human and could use some guidance during these times. And I am so much better for making the investment in my health to strengthen my "Achilles heel" to fix bad habits. When you work with me, we will focus your health around your exercise and training routine while also addressing nutrition, sleep, and overall wellbeing.


Why do these injuries matter? 

That is how I can help you. Together we can change negative habits by adding in new, healthy, positive, and action-oriented behaviors that make sense for your life. Beginning with internships in 2014 and 2015 I found a love for employee wellness and personal training. I started training my own clients in 2015 and never stopped learning. Every client taught me something about myself and my technique as a professional. When someone decides to work with me, I take that very seriously. They are putting a lot of trust, faith, hope, and time into our program. I do not believe in cookie cutter plans. We have all had unique experiences that define our health and fitness needs as adults. 

So how did I get here? 

As a summer camp girl, I received my Lifeguard certification at age 15 and WSI at age 17. I taught swim lessons for over 10 years to people of all ages and abilities. This is when I learned how to coach. I taught children with and without disabilities, and adults with and without prior experience. I learned to hone my communication strategies, both verbal and non-verbal. I took this into my Health and Fitness profession when coaching adults in the gym. 

What experiences have I had? 

I grew my skillset as a top performing Personal Trainer in Boston. I had a fully booked calendar, retaining clients for over 2.5 years and getting many referrals for new clients. They found what they were looking for in our program. Accountability, customization, respect, and fun. I found so much reward in empowering individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing. My person-first, science-based approach to chronic disease prevention has proven to keep my clients motivated while seeing results. I have mentored other fitness professionals and love learning new techniques and methods for approaching health and fitness. 

What are some of my favorite health and fitness topics? 

There are a few health topics that I just love to "nerd out" on and could discuss and research for days. The first is hypertension AKA high blood pressure. I love to learn about causes, prevention, testing, treatment, and how exercise is affected by this. 

I also am obsessed with the built environment, this includes things like sidewalks, bike lanes, public transportation, green spaces, and housing. These are extremely important for health, stress, safety, and success. 

Lastly, I hate diets, I do not prescribe diets, and I am not a Registered Dietician. If you are coming here for nutrition guidance, I can give you very general recommendations such as "drink more water", "add vegetables to you dinner plate", and we can also discuss how to read a food label. I cannot consult anyone with a medical condition on their food intake. This will require someone with a specific license. Nutrition is very important to me, which is why I have this approach, as to not mislead my clients. 

So where am I now? 

I received my MPH from Emory University in Atlanta where I learned how to apply research methods and assessment protocols to population health with cultural humility. I also passed the CHES exam. I recently became certified by CETI as a Cancer Exercise Specialist. If you are a cancer patient or survivor and have medical clearance, I would love to work with you to improve your mental and physical wellbeing! 

 My main focus is to educate people at risk for or managing chronic diseases such as Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Cancer, and Diabetes to live with intentions of longevity and wellbeing. This shift in perspective creates a ripple effect that you will thank yourself for. I  love helping people get stronger, have less pain, and have a better quality of life. 

What makes me different?

I am not JUST a personal trainer. Yes that is one of my credentials, but not my only credential. I can educate you on a myriad of health and wellness topics that matter and are not gimmicky. I will take the time to research your specific topics and apply them to long term programs or seminars.

Another thing: EMPAPTHY. For many years I was always the active, fit healthy friend who worked in the fitness industry and could not possibly understand how people didn't take time out of their day fo health, fitness, and wellness. Then I got a desk job in 2018 and all of a sudden, I knew EXACTLY how my clients were feeling when they told me all of their barriers, often TIME. I take this empathy with me now and see it is as a strength when working with others. I look forward to hearing your story.

So what else do I like to do other than talk about health and fitness on my website? 

I love to bake. My staples are Challah, Fruit Crisps (apple, pear, blueberry, etc.), banana bread, and oatmeal cookies. 

I like to paint and play tennis, my favorite TV show is Schitt's Creek, and my favorite band is Dispatch. 

My own fitness routine includes yoga, running, biking, walking, and of course strength training. 

I am SO looking forward to connecting with you and learning about how I can help create that health ripple effect in your life! 

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