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Hi, I'm Rebecca Noymer. I have dedicated all of my adult life and much of my teen years to coaching individuals and groups to reach their potential through fun, customized programs. Working together is guaranteed to be exciting and challenging while we set goals together. I have a growth mindset that is often contagious both in my professional and personal life. 

This site is a place for me to share my knowledge and expertise with you to make your quality of life better through health and fitness information.

I have had particular success with mature populations, those with chronic pain, osteoporosis, runners, and pre/post natal women. I do not believe in comparing oneself to others when setting and reaching goals. It is all about what works for YOU and that is a beautiful thing! 

Educating and empowering people to prevent and manage chronic diseases is my passion. We will work together through functional movement and healthy habit planning that fits your life and health status. I want you to feel confident and capable in your body and your life.

I love adding new certifications to be better at my job. Most recently I became a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist through CETI.

How Noymer Health Solutions, LLC works:

1:1 Training

Set up a Discovery Call: This is complimentary, short and sweet, and will allow us to make sure we are a fit for each other

1 Hour Virtual Assessment: You can register for this after a discovery call. I will do an in depth intake of your health status, goals, and other relevant information.

Recurring sessions: We will decide on a schedule that best fits you and your goals 

Group Workshops

Set up a Discovery Call: This is complimentary, short and sweet, we can discuss what your organization or community is looking for

Workshops can be 45min-2 hours depending on the topic. I welcome dynamic, movement-based workshops, as well as informational webinar style workshops with a Q&A

Some things for you to think about: 

What are you goals?

How can we make every day awesome? 

What is your lifestyle like?

How can we make exercise and wellness a fun and easy part of your day?

What do you want to be able to do?

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Rebecca Noymer

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Mission Statement

To improve quality of life for diverse populations by bringing a lasting commitment to personalized movement, chronic disease prevention, and health education services into people’s lives through science, trust, and empathy.


Vision Statement

We will motivate and inspire people to live healthful and engaging lives with confidence by offering insightful, holistic, and approachable programs that prevent pain and improve longevity. 


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