Shelley's Testimonial

I have worked with Rebecca for several years, as she helped prepare me to run the Boston Marathon in 2016 and 2018. Rebecca directly supported both my strength training, as well as helped me manage chronic knee pain issues I have struggled with since surgery in 2011.

As a very detailed oriented person, Rebecca listened to the various areas of concern I had regarding how I could be ready to run 26.2 miles in less than six months. We worked together on a plan that fit my body – one that balanced cardio, yoga, and strength training.

Rebecca also helped incorporate dynamic stretching, resistance band workouts, and different forms of cross-training (spin, swimming, etc.) to build my endurance.

She made recommendations around meal choices, different protein I could incorporate into my diet, and shared nutritious habits I could easily adopt post marathon training.

My experience working with Rebecca was extremely positive and fun. She held me accountable to the goals I set forth and prepared me to be ready both physically and mentally to run the long distance.

During the training process, Rebecca and I had the opportunity to run some preparation races before the big day. We completed multiple half-marathons in the Boston area, as the April marathon date drew closer.

Rebecca pushed me to make strides towards exceeding my running goals, but also helped me become a healthier person in the process. I am forever grateful for the many hours Rebecca dedicated to help me gain the body strength and confidence I needed to successfully finish 26.2 miles. I am also proud to say that the tools and tips Rebecca equipped me with during our time together I still practice in my health routine today.

-Shelley Pinsonneault

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