Snow Shoveling as Exercise

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Are you prepping to shovel after a big snow storm? Maybe you have to dig out your car or go walk the dog in a foot of snow. It is common to get aches and pains after these activities because we go out in the snow without warming up! But shoveling is just another form of exercise! Check out these videos below for some basic movements before you start shoveling. If you are new to exercise or have a medical condition please contact your physician. Noymer Health Solutions is not liable for any damage or injury. Like what you see? Subscribe to my newsletter or email me at


I like to start with a mat warm up for all workouts, lengthening my spine, opening up the hips, and engaging my core and glute muscles. This is meant to be done with control in a way that feels good for your body. Snow can be heavy and it is important to start moving to prevent injury and feel better after shoveling

Then I move to a dynamic warm up, getting my heart rate up a little bit and moving my whole body in tandem to prep for the movement. This warmup should be done with conscious repetition. Do what feels right for you. You'll want to keep good posture, engage core and glute muscles, while simultaneously stretching muscles that might be tight from lots of sitting during the winter.

And when it comes to shoveling, think of it is a lifting weights. You want to have good form because that is how you will have best results for yourself and your home! Hinge and squat using your hips, NOT your spine or shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed and engage your core muscles when you lift the snow off of the ground to prevent back pain. Wear comfortable shoes that allow you to grip the ground so when stepping through you can maintain balance. When I shovel my car, I like to alternate arms and avoid over arching my back when reaching for the top or across the windshield.

When you get in from shoveling, I recommend doing some light stretching and staying hydrated with water. This will help promote recovery from a long afternoon in the snow.

Stay safe and warm and I hope this helps you #domorewithlesspain !

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