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Karrie K.

Rebecca was my first personal trainer and foray into the world of fitness. She introduced me to the basics of strength training and proper form, taught me recovery techniques, recommend massage and other wellness practitioners, and gave me nutritional strategies to help me meet my goals.  


 The particular program Rebecca put together for me not only addressed my lower back pain but gave me the confidence to pursue yoga teacher training, which was something I had always wanted to do. I also went on to try running short distances to improve my cardiovascular health and worked my way up to running a 10K, something I never thought possible. 


Rebecca’s knowledge, manner and approach to her work were such that I encouraged my mother, with osteoporosis, to also train with her.  Working with Rebecca helped us both to construct healthier lifestyles.  I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking more mobility, greater fitness and better health.

Current Client 

I have been fortunate to become a client of Rebecca’s! Rebecca has an in-depth knowledge of how to train the baby boomer demographic. Rebecca was able to use her personalized assessment of me to craft a completely individualized workout. From time-to-time I experience lower back pain, and Rebecca taught me how to combine stretching and heat to recover shockingly quickly. This has been a game changer for me! Both my upper and lower body are much stronger after just six weeks of working out under Rebecca’s guidance. I have worked with other Personal Trainers. Rebecca’s ability to use verbal cues and keep her eye on me during every exercise created strong results and leads me to say that she is the best trainer I’ve ever hired! I also feel much more confident working out after training with Rebecca. If you are looking for a personal trainer that is highly experienced, has spent years earning specialized certifications, and is caring and compassionate, I highly recommend Rebecca Noymer! There is no limit to Rebecca’s attention to detail and patience with her clients.


If you are looking for support in your health journey, whether you are at the very beginning or stuck somewhere in the middle, Rebecca is your girl! I started training with Rebecca a few years ago when I found myself plateauing and unable to make progress. While my main goal at the time was to lose weight, Rebecca helped me develop a better understanding of my overall health. Instead of pressuring me to commit to unrealistic goals and habits, she educated me on the impact of my choices and encouraged me to make realistic changes in my day-to-day life. While she kept me accountable to my workouts, Rebecca also tailored my program to my needs or any pain I was experiencing. This steadfast dedication to my health was beyond motivating and has permanently shaped how I take care of my body. I highly recommend seeking Rebecca’s unwavering support for those pursuing a better, healthier life!

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Shelley Pinsonneault 

I have worked with Rebecca for several years, as she helped prepare me to run the Boston Marathon in 2016 and 2018. Rebecca directly supported both my strength training, as well as helped me manage chronic knee pain issues I have struggled with since surgery in 2011...

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Apollo Chow

I trained with Rebecca for almost 2 years. I used to have chronic neck and back pain caused by weak muscle and bad habits as an office worker. Rebecca worked with me to build stronger muscles and various techniques to release muscle trigger points and keep a healthy lifestyle. I still keep doing exercises that Rebecca taught me and the chronic pain never bothers me anymore.

Britt S., Boston 

Rebecca was incredible to work with! We worked together in the months leading up to my wedding to focus on toning and strength. Her knowledge in physiology and proper movement techniques is extensive, and her training programs were extremely intentional and well-thought-out. Rebecca's training style is a perfect mix between pushing you to achieve what she knows you can and understanding what is out of your reach.

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Abby Scholz

I hired Rebecca to just train my muscles. BUT she always made a point of advising me on other classes to take and other lifestyle choices to explore to maximize my health. I feel that she truly saw the big picture. I would definitely work with her again!

Mike Dunn

I truly appreciate everything you've done for me. Through the ups and downs, I felt we were always making progress, and I'm light years ahead of where I was 2.5 years ago, and of even where I thought I'd be.